I have been offered a place on this programme and have been asked to participate in research. What is this about? What is involved?

As part of the Changing Lives Initiative programme a number of research projects are being undertaken to demonstrate the effectiveness of the intervention programme, its cost effectiveness and the effectiveness of the Changing Lives project as a whole. At screening you will be asked if you are happy to be contacted by one of the research team. The research is being carried out by Archways (Lead Partner on the project) and by Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT). By taking part in the research, you will be contributing to a national and international research study, and playing an important role in the future delivery of the Incredible Years programmes to other parents and children throughout Ireland and elsewhere. If you are selected as part of the research programme, additional information will be sent to you, explaining what is involved. All information collected will be kept completely confidential. Participants have the right to withdraw from the research at any time without giving a reason and this will not affect your place on the Programme. If you do not want to answer a question, you are not obliged to answer.

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