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Screening Programme

Screening Programme

After attending a Parent Information and Awareness session, parents who are concerned that their child might be experiencing behaviour consistent with ADHD, can choose to take part in our Screening Programme.  Parents will be asked to fill out some standardised questionnaires about their child’s behaviour.  If their responses indicate that they meet the criteria for our programme, that is they have a child who is experiencing behaviour consistent with ADHD, they will be offered a place on The Changing Lives Initiative Parent Intervention Programme.

The Screening Programme is only open to parents of children who are aged three to seven years and complete screening prior to their eight birthday.

The screening process is used solely to determine a families’ suitability for our programme and does not in any way constitute a diagnosis or assessment.  The results of the screening will not determine if a child would or would not get a diagnosis of ADHD if they were to be assessed by the appropriate professional(s).

Should screening indicate a family is not suitable for our programme, The Changing Lives Team will endeavour to help all families who undertake screening to identify appropriate resources or services that may be available to them and their child.  In some instances, this will involve referring and signposting families to other, more appropriate, Incredible Years programmes.