Parent Information & Awareness

Parent Information & Awareness

The Changing Lives Initiative offers a programme for families of children aged 3-7 consisting of an information and awareness programme, a screening programme, and an intervention programme.  The Parent Information and Awareness sessions are the first phase of the programme and are run in schools, libraries and other suitable venues.

Information and Awareness sessions are open to any parents or carers who are interested.  Other adult family members such as grandparents and friends are also welcome.

At the session you can learn about ADHD, what it is and what it isn’t, and what behaviours consistent with ADHD look like.  Our facilitators will also present information about current research, treatment and interventions for ADHD.  They will also explain what The Changing Lives Initiative offers to families.  Tips and parenting strategies to manage the challenges of living with a child with behaviours consistent with ADHD will be provided.


Upcoming Sessions

For more information about upcoming Information and Awareness sessions in each location, please contact your local Changing Lives Team.  Details for the local teams are on the Contact Us page.

You may also like to visit the local Changing Lives Initiative Facebook pages:

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